Xosé Rivera

Son un creativo medio gilipollas a cabalo entre a xenialidade e a vulgaridade; difícil pero necesario equilibrio, calquera dos dous extremos me volvería máis gilipollas.

Se queres contratar os meus servizos ou adquirir algunha das miñas obras completa este formulario e respondereiche de seguido.


I am an image and sound professional; I have 11 years of experience as a freelancer creating audiovisual projects to give solutions to companies and institutions in video and photography.

In parallel, I develop creative projects that I exhivit in galleries and museums.

Currículum Xosé Rivera



Work of art does not exist, only creation exists.
Work is a corpse.


Art is like a woman; We love it without understanding it.


A woman who does not think of leaving you does not deserve your love.


All women deserve to be loved; even married women.


Women marry by instinct, men for cowardice.

The Why

There is nothing worse than a educated person who has no values: they know the ways but not the whys.

Good Taste

Because I don´t have good taste in women does not mean they don´t have it in men.

Vital Events

Thinking clearly, life is a rarity; most people have died, only their actions are left.

Marriage Reflections

You marry a single woman;
However they expect you to love a married woman...

Crazy VS Genius

The fool speaks of crazy things; The genius makes them.

Worst > Bad

He who flees  from the worst;
tends to settle for the bad.


Courage is not about not being afraid;
its being afraid
and still doing what one considers to be the right thing.

Universal Jugement

We don't blame children as they have no will in their errors.
We forgive the elderly because they have already forgotten the motivations of theirs.
The only universal judgement is that of adults and the emotional state is their sentence.

Unconsciousness VS Conformity

It is paradoxical:

One is only afraid to fail when they believe they haven´t done it yet.
the unconscious is the ally of conformity...


I hate culture!
Whenever I get close to it,
I discover I am further away than I previously thought.

Vital Decisions

From time to time, one thinks about what their life would be like if other choices were made; without falling into the consciousness that it would no longer be your life...

Love Vs Desire

What you most love is never what you most desire.

Failure VS Victory

I always failed by not knowing how to adapt, thats my great victory.


An egocentric should not have children, its very frustrating to discover that you are not the center of your life.

Life Stages

The life of a person´s whole life consists of 4 phases: birth; form oneself; Return it to Society; And if all this was done properly: be immortal.



Dissatisfaction is the only form of thinking.


Fear is a young feeling, linked to naivety; the elderly have no fear, only nostalgia for what they loved or attachment to what they love.


Life is the domestication of the soul: we are born free, wild, but little by little the persistence of controversy erodes us until we die meek and resigned. There are only two moments of grace: the purity of the baby and the revolution of adolescence.


To have a philosophy of life means: To try to remember what has been lived instead of living.


I aspired to be the bad guy…. but even for that I am bad.


I love my past, it is the only thing that I have; my future is all that is left…


Time always proves if a person is right, because if not it would not be called time, it would be called setback.


I fell in love too many times to believe in love.

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