Xosé Rivera

Son un creativo medio gilipollas a cabalo entre a xenialidade e a vulgaridade; difícil pero necesario equilibrio, calquera dos dous extremos me volvería máis gilipollas.

Se queres contratar os meus servizos ou adquirir algunha das miñas obras completa este formulario e respondereiche de seguido.


I am an image and sound professional; I have 11 years of experience as a freelancer creating audiovisual projects to give solutions to companies and institutions in video and photography.

In parallel, I develop creative projects that I exhivit in galleries and museums.

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Do not buy, adopt

Casa Grande de Xanceda demonstrating that there is a healthy and positive way to advertise.

Pictures for the campaign: “Do not buy, adopt” promoted by the yogurts Casa Grande de Xanceda by promoting the design of its packaging.

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Photoshop Perfiles Asimétricos


In photography class we decided to see if we were symmetric or totally disproportionate. How great was our surprise! to realize that the two of us different and unknown people were hiding!

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Niepce Primera Fotografía 1826


The importance of photography in recent history lies in the fact that it brought us closer to other realities, other perspectives, it attracted our objective attention and informed us of situations in which we would not know, which has given us greater sensitivity; and although it has sometimes been used to refer to lies, it has become a fundamental tool of journalism, art, narrative, documentation and daily life.

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