Xosé Rivera

Son un creativo medio gilipollas a cabalo entre a xenialidade e a vulgaridade; difícil pero necesario equilibrio, calquera dos dous extremos me volvería máis gilipollas.

Se queres contratar os meus servizos ou adquirir algunha das miñas obras completa este formulario e respondereiche de seguido.


I am an image and sound professional; I have 11 years of experience as a freelancer creating audiovisual projects to give solutions to companies and institutions in video and photography.

In parallel, I develop creative projects that I exhivit in galleries and museums.

Currículum Xosé Rivera

Lionel Messi ficha por el Real Madrid

Lionel Messi is the new player of Real Madrid

Messi admits that his dream is to play for Real Madrid, FC Barcelona always hate and feeling hurdle but was the team that helped him succeed and was due to him for commitment until now where we have opened your heart.

All world news opened with this stunning news :

Messi : ” I do not understand the Catalan sucks , I do not like nor Castellars Caganers !

The Catalan people went out prey to anger and feeling of betrayal Lionel seeking to lynch him at Camp Nou before a hundred thousand spectators but Florentino Pérez came to the rescue of the star Argentina (also really Brazilian confessed ) and chartered a private jet escorted by two F16 in a lightning . Lionel Messi rescued his family from the conflict zone , the evacuated Madrid Capital , which saw the signing of the new contract and then celebrating with parades and live music by the great white victory .



Mariano Rajoy Nacionalista Gallego

Mariano Rajoy is Nationalist

Mariano Rajoy after many years of hiding in the stereotypes and the doctrines of the Party to come to power, it discovers and reveals his true feeling Nacionalista Gallego.

Everything turned out to be a ruse perfectly designed and executed by the independence of Galicia brains in order to infiltrate a mole power with which to control the Spanish Government and from there to guide and direct the process separatist.

The people believed without doubt in the words and promises with which Rajoy won the elections, but these were only the tools for success and control of the same citizens who trusted in his speech and in his lies.

In a few days will convene a press conference to announce the separation of the Nation of Galicia and the Basque Country and Catalonia, which immediately convene elections for their own new Central Government.

Cafe con - Presentación da Exposición Beleza Oculta no Pazo do Carme

Hidden Beauty Exhibition

Galantiqua Arte promotes meetings and talks of artists that everyone can attend the events “Coffee with …”.

This time we chatted with David Salgueiro (Galantiqua Art), Rafael Arroyo (Photographer), Juan Monterroso (Professor of Art History at USC) at the presentation of the exhibition Hidden Beauty.

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Fotografía de Fume

Smoke photography

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Barack Obama is White

Barack Obama is white

Hitler was Jewish

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Niepce Primera Fotografía 1826


The importance of photography in recent history lies in the fact that it brought us closer to other realities, other perspectives, it attracted our objective attention and informed us of situations in which we would not know, which has given us greater sensitivity; and although it has sometimes been used to refer to lies, it has become a fundamental tool of journalism, art, narrative, documentation and daily life.

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